Building the future by talking to those who are incharge of thinking about it

We had to make the marketing teams, which are already part of the processes that make The Macallan a great brand, feel more involved and motivated to continue building the future of the company.

Our Approach

They are responsible for creating one of the best whiskeys in the world, and we showed them that they are the key for making a future that only The Macallan can achieve.


We created an event that constantly played with the present and the future, where the decisions made by each participant were transformed into the guidelines for a promising future for the brand.
We relate it directly to what The Macallan does when creating its whiskey “craft”.

Great leaders are the ones who lead the way,
not the ones who follow it.

The Macallan is not a direct client of La Mansión Agency, the project was carried out as a request from another agency.