Selling real estate talking about nature instead of square feets

Kabin is a brand that sells cabin plans online. They needed a rebranding to improve its positioning, as well as reaching an audience eager for experiences.

The key was in its own DNA: the biophilic approach of its architects gave us the basis to create an architecture brand that does not focus on amenities and square meters, but on experiences, nature and enjoying the place we live in.

A brand thought, lived and above all;
Built to be wild.

Brand Concept



It is our product link, it is the direct reference architecture and the type of product we sell.
It refers to the origin, the essence, the shaping of the brand.

The interaction of an individual and its environment is the key for the Kabin design.

To be wild

The very essence of Kabin is to connect with nature, disconnect from daily life and find a place in the world.
It’s a bit crazy and risky, it’s doing what you feel like and not what you’re supposed to do. It is about having fun, reconnecting with the little luxuries and pleasures that we can find in nature.

It is a declaration of freedom, the desire to take control, to be masters of our own destiny, to seek new adventures and not settling