Product repositioning strategy

The challenge

Gin MG is determined to re-positioning its product in a market crowded with brands and promises of all kinds.

Our approach

To achieve this, we developed a new concept and brand strategy where we talk about the benefits of the product, relating them directly to the needs of consumers.


GIN MG is very clear about its origin, knows its raw material perfectly, uses its own recipe and respects the classic manufacturing process. He knows very well who he is.


GIN MG does not need fashions, additions, or ornaments.
Authenticity and character; It is about not being influenced, about listening to yourself.

This authenticity and transparency is an attitude highly valued by consumers who are tired of so many trends and prefer to go back to the origins.

We also take care of the Drink Strategy


The challenge

Whenever we show the served product, we do it with a classic Gin Tonic with just a lemon twist.

We separate ourselves from the rest of gins by returning to a classic glass, due to its size it has the same benefits as the balloon glass. Despite being a different glass than most people use, it is very easy to find it almost anywhere.

MG is a transparent brand that exudes the authenticity and character with which it is produced.

Gin MG is not a direct client of La Mansión Agency, the project was carried out as a request from another agency, to participate in a pitch.